So I have a quick moment at 1:13 AM to introduce myself…

I have been trying to start this blog since last year, but then type B flu hit during my vacation while my family was in town right after my son got ENT surgery and then 2015 just went zoom on crazy after that!  But seriously, it finally came down to start this blog or find time (???) to go to a head doctor.  Here’s my stats:

Who Am I? –  Mrs. Musick. Yup, my maiden name was Smith so I totally scored in the marriage department.  Hyphenate?  I don’t think so…

What I do all day – I am a Mom to a wildly smart 5 year old with autism and I ninja of a 3 year old I lovingly call Queen Kong as she is stealth and can climb ANYTHING!  My husband DJ is my partner in crime…and also keeps me calm so I don’t actually commit a crime. I also do marketing and inside sales for a technology firm.  In my spare time I’ve recently taken up singing songs off of Amazon Prime…just because.

Background of issues that started this idea – In 2005 I had a very rare form of cancer.  I recovered and continued being single working and traveling.  Thinking that was now my life I bought a condo to settle down and then met my husband 2 months later, then got married 9 months after that.  The biggest surprise was getting pregnant, which I was told would never happen due to chemo and radiation…I live in the land of tiny chances and percentages…good, bad or indifferent!  Our son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism March of 2015 and we’ve been scrambling ever since to find out all our options and what steps to take.  I also live with chronic pain from cancer, multiple surgeries, etc.  I recently had cancer again and they luckily caught it early, so no chemo or radiation.  They just needed my left kidney, ureter and part of my bladder. #sigh

Hopes – I want to be able to bring others together for those hard conversations that surround cancer, autism, the marriages in both these situations and all of life’s road bumps.  What do I say to the friend whose child was just diagnosed with autism?  What do I take to a friend who found out they have cancer? How do I support my friend/relative with cancer? How do I support my friend whose child has autism or cancer? How do my husband and I find time together between therapy appointments, work, daily tasks/routines?  How do I tell my husband/wife exactly how I feel about these diagnoses.  These are those hush, hush conversations that if had can help you feel supported or supportive…and we all need it as life marches on!

I would love for you to follow me on this journey!  I have no agenda except to help in anyway I can OR for someone to give the tips that help me and others.  Have a question or a topic you want to hear more about?  Add to the comments.  Signing off at 1:33 AM! #IActuallyStartedMyBlog!!

autism_cancer_survivor_working _mom_marriage

Fire Ready Aim and his sidekick Queen Kong!


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