My Diet: Nature and Science


When it comes to dieting I have done what every American does with everything …pick one thing and try to stick to it until it completely falls apart. As a society of extremes we often make that mistake. Want proof?  Look at the presidential candidates making the news.

It’s the same with diets,  health and all the fads in between.   You either only shop at Whole Foods (or Whole Paycheck as my brother Big calls it) or you shop at the other chains and hope your  organic friends aren’t right and you won’t grow a third eye (which actually might come in handy to have a spare to keep an eye on my kids).

I decided to take a new approach to my diet and health. One that incorporated past successful tools along with new options I haven’t tried.  I also wanted to try and heal my body using food.  Especially since I am recovering from surgery and trying to manage joint pain.

I started by continuing my Plexus journey.  Before you checkout,  there are a couple items I have been using for over a year and for a good reason. Plexus Slim for willpower,  energy and management of my blood sugar.  Biocleanse to help clear my insides.  Probiotics (Probio),  multivitamins and the Omega because we all know why,  but I’ll go more in depth another time. Those are my key products of choice.  I also like that as a rep I make money on what I purchase!  You can see more here, order or sign up to be a rep:

Then I decided to diet in a new way.  I decided to eat to heal.  We all have something we’re recoverying from and I decided I was on enough prescriptions.  So I turned to a resource I saw years ago on the BBC… Dr.  Gillian Mckeith from the show “You Are What You Eat”.  I found her book online used for $4. After I received it in the mail I studied it and decided what ailments to attack and to start with the detox.  Since the detox I have been working the diet using the 80/20 rule so I don’t have to aim for perfection.  And by the time I eat the foods I need to eat,  drink my Slim, teas or juices and add my water,  my cheats are MINIMAL because I am beyond satisfied.

Good news,  I have lost weight and size!   And I feel like some of my minor ailments are clearing!

I will absolutely try to eat for longevity,  but I also believe God made doctors and medicine for a reason.  So I’m taking what I need to take and managing side effects with diet instead of with additional medication.

I’ll follow this blog up with how I got started and some of my go to meals,  snacks and juices. But go find the book to start.  I found mine on Amazon used books. Let me know if you have any questions!

**This blog was written on my phone,  please excuse any typos!


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