When One Day Comes! My Eating for Health Plan.

You know those clothes in the closet? The ones that you bought 10 years ago…the classic piece you spent a little extra on? The little black dress that has the Jackie O. vibe? Like everyone else, I have that piece of my closet designated to “one day”.

When I decided in October, after my surgery, that I was taking full control of my health I set my eye on getting into the little black dress. I didn’t want to worry about the numbers as those have never been on my side, but a piece of clothing from yesteryear. So I did some research, ordered my Plexus products and began what I call an 80/20 plan.  I decided not to plan on being perfect, but plan for exceptions so that I didn’t bash myself for failing.  I eat a chocolate honeycomb from Sprouts everyday. I eat dried fruit instead of candy. I still drink a Coke Zero everyday. It’s a work in progress.

In lieu of the cheats, ONE DAY CAME!!! I can fit into my little black dress. The zipper went up with ease. Due to 6 surgeries and c-sections that have destroyed my stomach structure I will still have to rely on spanx, but who cares!!  I hit my goal!

I remember trying that dress on and looking in the mirror and thinking “It will never happen. My body has been through too much. My hips have spread. Stomach muscles have been cut multiple times.” But I did it!  And it has renewed my spirit. I hang it front and center in my closet everyday. Not to try and be skinny and perfection. But to know that I can be the best and healthiest version of me to date that I can be.

I am still working on always varying my plan. I’ve started eating one mashed garlic clove for my immune system. I have added a little seaweed each day. I’m still learning to brew Kombucha. I’m learning how to prepare different foods – even how to cut a mango! I hope my daughter will read this and not think it is the ravings of a 38 year old, but of a woman who sometimes hears the same voices from high school in her head telling her she isn’t small enough. That I’m too big to love. That I don’t get “picked” because my size. All I needed to be to be happy with my body was to be the best version of me to date and to do it in a way I can feel good about.

I would love to hear what works for you. Let’s work together and keep each other motivated!